Latihan Soal PAS Gasal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10 SMA MA

Latihan Soal PAS Gasal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10 SMA MA Berikut ini kami bagikan latihan soal Penilaian Akhir Semester PAS gasal 1 untuk bahasa inggris kelas 10 SMA MA Tahun Pelajaran  2021/2022.

Latihan soal PAS 1 kelas 10 MA ini untuk membantu belajar peserta didik dalam melaksanakan PAS gasal bahasa inggris Tahun  pelajaran 2021/2022.

Bentuk latihan soal PAS gasal bahasa inggris  kelas 10 SMA/MA Tahun Pelajaran 2021/2022 ini adalah Pilihan Ganda dengan lima alternatif jawaban dan sudah tersedia kunci jawabannya yang dapat di unduh dengan mudah.

Text 1 is for number 1 to 5

I live in a village called Amed in Bali, about two hours from Kuta. It is a beach village and one of the best places for scuba diving in Bali. To reach my village, you will need a lot of energy because it is an exhausting trip. The road is curved and there are many ups and downs too. But as soon as you arrive in Amed, your efforts will be paid by the beauty of my village.

Unlike other places in Bali, Amed is a calm and peaceful place. The bay, some sandy, others rocky appears to be lined with traditional fishing boats called Jukung. From the top of the hill, people can enjoy the beautiful scenery. There are no factories or industries in Amed, so the water and the soil in my village are still clean and unpolluted. This is needed to produce salt by the people in the village.

Soal nomor 1

What does the text tell about?

A. Bali

B. Amed village

C. Kuta

D. Beautiful village

E. The writer’s trip

Soal nomor 2

What makes Amed different from other places in Bali?

A. Amedis a place for scuba diving

B. It needs a lot of energy to get there

C. Amed is a calm and peaceful place

D. Amed has many star rated hotels

E. Amed has beautiful beach

Soal nomor 3

Where can people enjoy beautiful scenery in Amed?

A. From the top of the hill

B. From the top of the factory

C. From the beach of the village

D. From the roads of the village

E. from the near village

Soal nomor 4

“…. Because it is an exhausting” (paragraph 1)

The word ‘exhausting’ has similar meaning to ….

A. tiring

B. exciting

C. confusing

D. challenging

E. boring

Soal nomor 5

Why does the writer’s village still clean and unpolluted because ….

A. there is factory

B. there is industry

C. there are no factories and industries

D. there is no transportation

E. there are no visitors

Baca :

Soal nomor 6

Namira : Hi, Bima. You look so happy.

Bima  : Yeah, I won the Poster contest and got a new laptop.

Namira : Really? Congratulations on your luck!

Bima : Thanks, Namira. Let’s go to the café. I will treat you.

Why does Namira congratulate Bima?

A. Bima found a laptop

B. Bima won the contest

C. Bima has a new café

D. Bima will buy food to Namira

E. Bima passed the examination

Soal nomor 7

Shila : Ratu, congratulations for being the first winner of the school speech contest! You really did it well

Ratu : Thanks, Shila.

Shila : Let’s go to our class and celebrate it together with the whole class.

Based on the dialogue, what is the relationship between Shila and Ratu?

A. They are siblings

B. They are schoolmates

C. They are classmates

D. They are teacher and students

E. They are partner

Soal nomor 8

Saskia : I heard you won the first prize for your short story. Is it true, Dir?

Dira : Yes, Kia. I am so happy.

Saskia : ….

What is the best response to say next?

A. Thank you a million

B. I hope you will enjoy it

C. I like how you study

D. Congratulations, Dira

E. It doesn’t matter

Dear Ella,


I heard about your success as the first winner of singing contest as a class representative. I know how long and how hard you practiced. We are all very proud of you. We wish you all the best in pursuing your dream to be a popular singer some day.


Soal nomor 9

From the card, we know that ,,,,

A. Ella is a popular singer

B. Vano won the singer contest

C. Ella has practiced singer hard

D. Vano has a dream to be a singer

E. Ella congratulateVano as winner

Text 2 is for number 10 to 14

Kediri is a name of a town. It is situated in a valley between the Kelud and Willis mountains and inhabited by about 1.3 million people. In the center of the town there is a large hill which is called the Dathok Mountain. Because of the topography of the region, Kediri is called a chilly town by the locals. There is a big river called Brantas cutting off the center of the town. Beside the temples, Kediri is also famous for its products like cigarettes and a special kind of tofu or bean curd.

This highly nutritious food is delicacy of Kediri and has a distinctive taste. The cigarettes factory dominates the town economy and employs the majority of the women labor force. Kediri and the cigarettes factory are inseparable and it is considered the biggest cigarette factory in Indonesia. Most of the local people work in this factory. Those who do not work here are farmers or traders.

Soal nomor 10

What does the text tell about?

A. The history of Kediri

B. The famous products of Kediri

C. The description of Kediri

D. The people

E. 3 million people

Soal nomor 11

Which one has a distinctive taste?

A. The cigarette

B. The special food

C. The highly nutritious food

D. The bean curd

E. Cigarette and Tofu

Soal nomor 12

“Those who do not work here …” (last sentence). The word ‘those’ refers to ….

A. the local people

B. the factory workers

C. the farmers

D. the Traders

E. woman labor force

Soal nomor 13

The other name of Kediri is ….

A. small town

B. Dathok

C. Kelud

D. Wilis

E. Chilly town

Soal nomor 14

What’s the famous product of Kediri?

A. Cigarettes and a special kind of tofu and bean curd

B. Cigarettes and soybean cake

C. Tofu and bean

D. Tofu and tobacco

E. Cigarettes and bean

Soal nomor 15

Maya : Mom, I tried to make this cake. Please, try it.

Mother : Hmmm, okay dear.

Maya : How is the taste?

Mother : It’s delicious, dear. What a nice cake.

From the dialogue, we know that ….

A. Maya’s mother is a good chef

B. Maya can’t make a cake

C. Maya’s mother will try it

D. Maya bought the cake for her mother

E. Maya can make a delicious cake

Soal nomor 16

Tina : Jihan, what do you think of me with this dress?

Jihan : Wow, …..

Tina : Thank you. My mom bought it for me.

What is the best response to complete the dialogue?

A. You look great with that dress

B. That’s good. I’ve love to come

C. Thank you very much

D. That’s very kind of you

E. I’m so happy with that

Soal nomor 17

Fajar : Did you see the match yesterday?

Tora          : Yes, Surya had a nice shoot at last game.

Fajar         : You are right. ….

What is the good compliment to complete the dialogue?

A. He is a handsome guy

B. What a great athlete!

C. It was nice of you to help me

D. The game is so boring

E. It’s nothing special

Soal nomor 18

Lani : Look at this, Vina. This blouse is beautiful. Does it suit on me?

Vina : I don’t think it’s good on you.

Lani : The color doesn’t fit you.

Vina : How about this one.

Lani : Try it. It suits on you. ….

What is the most appropriate response to complete the dialogue?

A. You look gorgeous with that

B. The blouse is not good on you

C. The dress is beautiful

D. I don’t like that

E. Thank you very much

Soal nomor 19

Dayu : Who won the football match yesterday?

Udin : Our team did. We won two to one.

Dayu : Well done. ….

Udin : Thank you.

What is the appropriate expression to complete the dialogue above?

A. I’m glad to hear that

B. That’s too bad

C. I’m sorry

D.You’re w elcome

E. I’m sorry to hear that

Soal nomor 20

Melisa : Putri, look at this painting! Monalisa.

Putri : Who painted this?

Melisa : Leonardo dan Vinci.

Putri : I know him. ….

What is the appropriate compliment to complete the dialogue?

A. How an amazing painter he is

B. How amazing singer

C. What a great actor

D. What a beautiful picture

E. What a beautiful girl

Text 3 is for number 21 to 25.

The Shard is an 87-storey skyscraper, which sits in the heart of London. It is known as the shard of glass. Construction began in 2009 and was completed three years later in 2012, making it Western European’s tallest building.

Designed by architect Renzo Piano, The Shard is the second tallest free standing structure in the UK. Its exterior boasts 11,000 glass panels, that’s equivalent in area to eight football pitches or two-and-a-half Trafalgar Squares.

The building was developed to have multiple uses, describes on the website as a ‘vertical city where people can live, work and relax’. This motto was clearly taken on board that was found on the 72nd floor towards the end of construction.

Soal nomor 21

What does the text tell about?

A. The architect Renzo Piano

B. The Shard glass panels

C. The Shard area in London

D. The tallest building in London

E. The heart of London

Soal nomor 22

In Europe, the Shard gains popularity on its ….

A. location

B. function

C. height

D. age

E. usage

Soal nomor 23

What probably makes people interested to stay in the Shard?

A. It has multiple uses

B. It is the tallest building in UK

C. It was built by famous architect

D. It is located in the heart of London

E. It is very cheap

Soal nomor 24

“…, making it Western European’s tallest building.”

What does the underlined word ‘it’ refer to?

A. The Shard

B. The glass

C. London

D. Skyscraper

E. Renzo Piano

Soal nomor 25

The Shard is also known as ….

A. the glass

B. the shard of glass

C. the tallest building

D. skyscraper

E. Trafalgar square

Soal nomor 26

Ahmad … always late for his class.

A. is

B. are

C. was

D. were

E. am

Soal nomor 27

Many women … in the kitchen every morning.

A. is

B. are

C. as

D. were

E. am

Soal nomor 28

One of the teachers … on time every day.

A. come

B. comes

C. came

D. cames

E. is coming

Soal nomor 29

When … Arima … a shower?

A. does, took

B. does, taken

C. does, taking

D. does, take

E. does, takes

Soal nomor  30

Do you like to eat banana?

A. Yes, I likes

B. Yes, I liked

C. No, I don’t likes

D. No, I don’t liked

E. No, I don’t like

Soal nomor 31

The man … English lesson twice a week.

A. teach

B. teaches

C. teaching

D. is teaching

E. are teaching

Soal nomor 32

Three of my friends often … to the gym.

A. are

B. are going

C. go

D. goes

E. going

Soal nomor 33

Does Jhon … in the office?

A. work

B. working

C. works

D. are works

E. is working

Text 4 is for number 34 to 39.

Wakatobi is the name of an archipelago and regency in Sulawesi Tengggara, Indonesia. The name Wakatobi is derived from the names of the main island of the archipelago: Wangiwangi, Kaledupa, Tomea, and Binongko. The group is part of a larger group called the Tukang besi island.

The archipelago, located in the diverse hotspot known as Wallacea. It is part of the Wakatobi National Park. Wakatobi as one of the world’s marine tourism object is now preparing itself and ready to welcome you and your family with hospitality and its particular culture. The Wakatobi is also home to Operation Wallacea, a UK based, non-profit conservation group looking at sustainable development of fisheries and coral reef research. An independent non- commercial website has been set up about a marine park. This website contains tourist and travel information in Wakatobi, including the biodiversity, conservation and local people.

Wakatobi is also situated geographically at the world’s coral reef triangle center with its 942 fish species and 750 coral reef species from a total of 850 world’s collection comparing to the two world’s famous diving center of the Caribbean Sea that owes only 50 species and other 300 species in the red sea.

Soal nomor 34

What is the text about?

A. Wakatobi as a tourist spot

B. Wakatobi as a research spot

C. Wakatobi as a fishing center

D. Wakatobi as a conservation center

E. Wakatobi as a regency

Soal nomor 35

Wakatobi is located in a larger group of island called ….

A. Wangiwangi

B. Kaledupa

C. Tomea

D. Binongko

D. Tukang besi

Soal nomor 36

What is the operation of Wallacea?

A. Non-profit conservation group looking at sustainable development of fisheries and coral reef research

B. The additional sources about the biodiversity, conservation and local people

C. Tourist and travel information about the Wakatobi

D. It is part of the Wakatobi National Park

E. The world’s marine tourism objects

Soal nomor 37

The name of wakatobi is derived from ….

A. the names of the main island of the archipelago

B. the name of the island itself

C. he name of the regency

D. the name of the beach

E. the name of Tukang besi island

Soal nomor 38

How many fish species in Wakatobi?

A. 942 fish species

B. 940 fish species

C. 924 fish species

D. 750 fish species

E. 300 fish species

Attention please,

English club is opening registration for new member of grade X. Come and join us, so you can improve your English skills.

We will have meeting every Sunday from 3 p.m. to 4.30 p.m. at our room at the second floor. For registration you can contact Rima (XI.1).

Thank you

Soal nomor 39

Where do they have the meeting?

A. In the XI.1’s room

B. At the cafeteria

C. At the school hall

D. At the first floor

E. In the English Club’s room

How long does the meeting last?

A. One hour and a half

B. One hour and a quarter

C. Two hour and a half

D. Two hour and a quarter

E. Three hour and a half

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